Morning Timdom!

Hard work yesterday but as Lennon said “we are grinding, but in the right way”

Clean sheets the norm and the defense and goalkeeper have been immense since Lennie came in…..

He’s irked by suggestions he changed BR’s tactics and I agree there have been tweaks……eliminated involving the goalie so much, early baws intae space and more emphasis on width & crosses…..

…..good to see an unelaborate goal yesterday fae a set-peice, cross and header….

Hard work yesterday, a nervy crowd reminiscent of St Johnstone when we stopped the 10……..but the romance and mystical nature of oor great club enhanced when oor No.5 rose with power, presence and precision on 67 minutes…..

Lennon’s record: 6 wins (2 vital cup ties), 3 draws (clean sheet draws), 13 goals for, 2 against……

..navigated 2 hard cup ties, all but secured the league and a Scottish Cup final against an inferior team that will kick, spit but lose….

Weah is AWeah…..PSG rankled he didn’t get game time,and did he really refuse to play in the youth cup final?…..

Mystery around the absence of loan players….is Lennon investing (attention, love and development) in players who will be here next year? does he not fancy the loanees? or is there a pay per play deal or punitive measures on insurance if the player gets injured……

Only PL knows and Lenny will tell you “I did it my way”

(BTW, he was scouting in Europe last week but not for any player mentioned in the press)

Is Lenny the right man? Will he get the job?……85% yes….but either way he doesn’t need the vitriol…..only our support….

As ever the Huns are irrelevant; what will be will be today & the league is ours…..but enjoy yer Sunday…..the day of oor Lord and of family…..and if a few Guinness and a roast beef are devoured anaw then so be it……..

Happy Sunday….a genuine no-lose day for Timdom…..