I would have been disappointed if we hadn’t.

In the first game against that mob, Ajer was kicked off the ball by McGregor. He didn’t react. The SFA felt there was no retrospective action needed.

At the Debt Dome, El Bawbag committed 5 off the ball fouls of which 3 were clear red cards. He wasn’t even booked. The SFA felt there was no need for any retrospective action.

In the same game at the Debt Dome, on several occasions, Arfield would give Brown a barge as he ran past him despite the ball being at least 5-15 yards away. Brown never reacted and Arfield got away with it. He then celebrated with the Broony but still we didn’t see Broony react and the SFA felt there was no need for retrospective action.

When Kyle Laughatme was with the Scumbos, he scored against us at Swinecastle and celebrated right in front of our fans. It didn’t send us into a meltdown. We gave him the usual pelters. There wasn’t a surge to the front and trampling over wheelchair users, no need for police to go wading in to fans fighting with them. The SFA felt there was no need for retrospective action.

When Kent scored on Sunday he ran to his own fans but was looking towards the Celtic fans next to them who were also in front of him while gesturing towards them to shut up. Again I didn’t see our fans or players react to this….but when it goes the other way, they lose the plot.

So Sevco & the SFA can go fuck themselves!